Where are your sessions held?
We hold photo sessions all around Australia, please see our website for a location near you. Click here to visit our website.

How much is a photo session?
Our photo sessions are $69.00.

What is included in my photo session?
All props, costumes and fairy magic will be included in your photo session, we will provide everything to make your fairly look fabulous and enjoy her photo shoot. Prints, reprints and canvases are at an additional cost. Please see our price list.

How long will a session take?
Each session lasts for 20 minutes, however you will need to arrive 15 minutes before so that we have time to dress up. Please allow 10 minutes after your session to re-dress etc.

How do I choose my images?
you will be invited back a few days after your photo session to view all of he beautiful images that were taken. After choosing your favourite images, you can select which animals you would like to include, to make your artwork unique. Every image is handcrafted to your liking and we will work with you to ensure you are 100% happy and that you end up with a product that you are overjoyed with.

Do I receive a digital file?
All ordered images come as high-resolution images. The link will be emailed to you to download them. All orders also come with a screen-sized resolution image, which is great for sharing on your Facebook or Instagram account and emailing to friends and family. Additionally you can order canvases and prints.

What if I cancel my booking?
We understand this happens from time to time, however we do require you to provide us with 7-days notice of your cancelation and 7-days notice to reschedule, or the full fee of $69.00 is payable.

How will I receive my prints or canvases?
Your order will be posted to you at your specified address.

Should I book two sessions if I have two children?
Two siblings can share one session unless the youngest is under 3yrs, in which case we need more time and you'll need to book a double session.

Can I book sessions for boys?
Yes, boys are more than welcome at all of our sessions, we offer Peter Pan,Elf and Knight options.

What is the age limit?
We recommend these sessions for 8-months+ when they can sit up on their own. There is no upper age limit. We love photographing teens and adults, however they will need to bring their own dresses as we only cater for children sizes up to 16.

Do I need to bring anything to my session?
We just ask that you bring a hairbrush and everything else will be provided for you.

Do you do hair and makeup?
We help with hair for younger children. Normally hair is undone or in a ponytail. However we don't do hairstyling or makeup. 

Is a payment plan available?
Yes, payment plans for orders are very welcome. Set up fee is $20 and we ask that for the whole amount to be paid in no longer than 6-months.Minimum deposit is $150 and minimum payment is $50. It's very easy to set you up. You specify how you feel comfortable paying, no proof of finances is required.

When do I need to pay the $69.00 for my session?
Because our sessions are very popular, payment is required at the time of booking to ensure you secure your session.Please contact us should you wish to discuss the payment.

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